Pictured above is a Conn “New Invention” bass trombone, serial number 126088, dating from. Yamaha YSL-354 M1 Trombone with Serial Number 432XXXA. View this item on eBay Sorry if this is not in the correct topic area, I didn’t readily see one that truly fit. Weigh in and registration begins for men and women in. I have not had any success in locating a reference that provides Yamaha brass.

From what I have been told, serial numbers cannot be used to date a Yamaha trombone. The Trombone Forum Horns, Gear, and Equipment => Instruments => Topic started by: Jay Moody on Jan 22, 2006, 12:43pm colin murray, first three digits, ysl: Hi Rhonda, Yamaha serial number lists aren t published as far as I can tell, but I may be able to find out for you. Snowmobile yamaha omposer and trombone serial and yamaha snowmobile serial number saxophone player on 4 number continents. On May 6, 2008, at 6:50 PM, Chris Waage wrote: > I just purchased a Yamaha YBL-613G, and I’m trying to determine its > age – > anyone know of a list of Yamaha serial numbers. When I bought my 682G, I tried 2 horns: a yellow bell with 0011xx and the gold with 0012xx. Durable, with a great sound and easy to play, this trombone is ideal for new musicians. Factory in 2004 I made a video that explains the process of making a Yamaha trombone.
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Introducing Yamaha YSL-354.
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